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An orphan is being used left and right as she is trying to find her real parents : Episode 2 – Pornbook
Anne has escaped from the orphanage where the girls were just sex dolls for the director.

She is about to found her new family and she is happy to go meet them. It’s the biggest, most luxurious house she has ever seen! She is welcomed into her new home and they want to make her feel comfortable. Lady who spotted her at the orphanage and invited her here wanted to show her the house. “We have a lot to do today to get you prepared.” They are all smiling at her intently. Anne is going to find out soon what they has in store for her! “I know daddy is going to be so surprised when he sees that I’ve brought him a beautiful girl!” the staff eye each other and the girl lustfully. The girls are taking her to help her bathe. They want to make her relaxed, so one girl grabs her by the tit, while the other one puts her tongue in her young pussy. They are preparing her for her initiation ritual with the family. Anne seems very awkward at their touch but is trying to fit in. The girls make her cum and then all three girls are joined by the butler and the driver. The men pull out their dick. They are only trying to help her prepare for daddy. They push their cocks into her mouth, and she starts sucking them. The orgy continues in the living room, with her on the table, giving a blowjob to one man, while the other one pushes his dick inside her cunt from behind. The other girls are kissing and touching her body to make her more relaxed. One is pleasuring the other by eating her pussy, while the men are still having fun with the new girl. The orgy is turning wild, they thrust their cocks in her pussy and her mouth. Anne doesn’t even know whose cock she is sucking and it doesn’t matter anymore. “Oh yes, fuck her!” the girls laugh as the cocks penetrate her deeply, making her cum again and again. The girls also tasted her cunt, and as elders, they are teaching her how a woman should be pleased. The naked girls jumps on the orphan and they start scissoring. What an incredible second part scene! It is one of the most artistically shot, hot, erotic and high energy sex scenes that I have ever seen! This proves that porn can be art. I’ve probably seen thousands of hours of porn, but I’ve never seen anything even remotely close to this. This entire video series is excellent and well done by all actors. Thoroughly enjoyable intelligent quality adult entertainment at it’s best!

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